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Designer for a day

Our “Designer for a day” service is ideal for those who want professional advice and guidance without a long-term commitment. This individual 6-hour consultation provides direct access to the professional design experience, style tips and advice from our interior designer, all to help you create the perfect space for you.


During this session full of information, we will address one or many of your questions. Start preparing now to make the most of your consultation: make a list of doubts, organize photos and get ready!


The way we use the six hours is up to you: do you want to shop and need help, do you need to redo your space and have the tools you need to be happy in your home? Count on us.

You can ask questions and seek advice on organizing furniture, lighting, paint colors and other recommendations. We work with your existing furniture and also specify new pieces, if desired.


 Collaborating with an interior designer has never been easier.

In this session we will:

  • Adress what you would like to modify / change in your space;

  • Take advantage of what you already have and introduce new elements to give your home a new life;

  • Assist you in shopping avoiding unnecessary mistakes;

  • Help you transform your home / room into a space where you feel comfortable and mirror your taste.

Practical examples:

  • Want to give your room a new look without spending a lot of money and taking advantage of some of the pieces you already have;

  • Just bought a new house and don't know which way to go;

  • About to sell your property and want to make it appealing to make the sale easier and faster;

  • Don't know what type of finish to choose for your windows: curtains or blinds?

  • Want to organize a birthday dinner at home and need to make the space cute and different for that special day.


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