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I have a question

With this service you can ask a question that may be impending you and continue your project without any setbacks.

Practical examples

  • Need help choosing a colour palette for a room;

  • I am undecided between two sofas, which will be the best for my family / space?

  • What is the ideal size of carpet for my room?

  • We are preparing the room for our baby. I don't know if I put up wallpaper, or should I paint;

  • Which dimension of dining table will be ideal for my needs, taking into account the space I have?

How it works

  • Send us your question together with images of the parts you are in doubt (when applicable);

  • The more information you send us the better we can answer your question!

  • We will respond to your email with suggestions / images and / or references within a maximum of 24 hours;

  • If you have any further questions about this service, please contact us via our email or mobile phone

Contact us to schedule your service:

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