Using an interior design service is an investment that will add value to your property whilst saving you time and money in the long run. It sounds like a contradiction but it isn’t.

How many times have you purchased items of interior décor, even furniture only to find out that they weren’t the best options and were disappointed in the results?

Our role is to achieve the best possible results, taking into account your expectations and your budget.



1st meeting/visit

We meet and discuss the brief with the client, after assessing the space in question.

Wherever it isn’t possible to meet in person we can organize alternative methods, i.e. Skype, etc.


Define your budget

This is a crucial part of the process as it will determine the end result.


Trust and delivery

We share the same objective at the outset, to achieve a fantastic result.

Sometimes we will take you out of your comfort zone and suggest solutions that you might have not thought of, trust us and the results will delight and amaze you.

We achieve the best outcome when the client trusts our vision.


Our objective is to create a space that you both identify with and feel happy in.

We can’t wait to start our journey together.

Mal podemos esperar para começar a trabalhar consigo!

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