Quick project

For those who need more than just a bit of help.

It includes concept, moodboards, floor plan and product listing for your room

For those who need much more than a bit of help but without the project management component.

With this service, one of our designers will help you transform your space into the one you've always dreamed of, incorporating your requests and your personal taste with our style and experience, involving you in decision making at the beginning of the project , so that in the end we present the best solution for your space.

The final presentation can be in person - in your room - or online and will have a maximum duration of two hours.

With this solution, you can implement your project at the pace your budget allows.

How it works

  • Send us an email with the room you want to remodel and add the following elements:

  • Space plan with scale or a sketch , with the dimensions of all the walls, location of the windows and doors - don't forget to put your ceiling height;

  • Photographs of the space (2 to 5);

  • Dimensions and photographs of the pieces you want to include in your new design;

  • Photographs of environments that you like;

  • After receiving all these elements, we will present to you two inspirational moodboards within a maximum of two days, so that you can select your favorite;

  • During these two days you can answer questions, send us suggestions, talk about your tastes. Feel free to contact us. It is important to gather as many elements as possible at this stage;

  • Within a maximum period of two weeks, since the award of the project and reception of all elements, we'll schedule a meeting and present to you your interior design project;

  • This project includes: scale division floor plan, style moodboards, moodboard and / or floor plan with annotations to make it easier to implement your design, listing and budgeting of all parts, as well as access to possible discounts from our vast network of contacts.

What's not included

  • 3D visualizations;

  • Rectification of measures;

  • Visits to the client's home at the beginning or during the project;

  • Projects for bathrooms and kitchens

Practical examples

Planta design de interiores exemplo.jpg

Floor plan example


Moodboard example


Floor plan example (with notes)

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