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Eduardo and Matilde's house

On this fifth floor in the center of Matosinhos we created a cozy space for a young couple, an artist and a designer.

The bottom line for this Interior Design Project was to create, in a rented apartment with a small area (less than 40 m²) and with a reduced budget, a comfortable and cheerful space for a couple living together.

For those in the same situation, here are some tips for transforming your spaces and making them comfortable:

Never start buying decorative objects or furniture right away.

First, deal with the base:

Check if it is necessary to paint walls; plugging holes and changing door handles, switches or sockets. If they are broken or if they are all different, it can make all the difference to replace them (there are currently several options on the market at affordable prices).

Secondly: don't forget to measure the pieces of furniture you are going to buy and check if they are the right size for the space where you intend to work.

How many times have you rushed to buy pieces and the result wasn't the best?

One of the challenging parts of this project was to be able to harmoniously integrate the tiled floor into the design. The apartment is rented and it was not possible to carry out deep works.

The decoration project ended up being developed around the floor, showing it rather than trying

to hide it.

For this purpose, we opted for pieces with vibrant and cheerful colors, which complemented the tone of the floor.

Sala decorada decoração decoradores porto designer interiores
Interior Design Project carried out by Tangerinas & Pêssegos atelier

Another big challenges of this renovation was the reduced budget we had to work with.

In order to achieve a fantastic result and a fully decorated apartment without great costs, we bought some pieces in second-hand stores and reused several decorative pieces from the home of the couple's parents and friends.

The apartment's ceiling height is not very high, so we placed the curtain rods close to the ceiling to visually stretch the space further.

Likewise, the lamp we placed on the ceiling was selected according to the criterion of not having suspension and not being too big.

We also selected a luminous white to paint the walls, in order to give the apartment a feeling of greater spaciousness.

decoração porto decoradores designer interiores
Example of reused mirror.

This last image already leaves open the topic we will focus on in the next blog post:

decoradores porto decoração design de interiores
We will continue to inspire you and show you practical examples of transformations made by our atelier

We will continue to show images of this house renovated by our Tangerinas & Pêssegos atelier, more particularly of the double bedroom.

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