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Easy and Affordable Ideas - Bedroom Decor

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Tangerinas & Pêssegos online consultation service for a small room, carried out on a low budget. With our online consultation service, clients can ask the questions they want aboutone or more spaces. Our designers will guide the client to the best way forward, helping to find the most affordable and stylish solutions.

Since we were able to photograph the before and after, we will show you some images and explain what was done in this small room. This project is a great example of how we can have a careful and comfortable decoration with a reduced budget.

  • Recover the base:

When spaces are smaller and have a strong presence of structural beams and columns, it is best to choose to paint with only one color, so that these elements do not stand out. Therefore, we recommended to paint the walls and ceiling with the same white;

As the wood was heavily burnt and with very little varnish, the baseboards and doors were painted white (in a slightly different shade from the walls and ceiling);

As they were badly damaged, the door handles were replaced. We also advised changing the three different types of sockets and switches that were in the space. There are several beautiful and quality solutions on the market at very affordable prices;

As there was no budget for its replacement, the floor was a challenge for us. The solution was to install a Kilim rug, which the client already had, in conjunction with another rug (Kilim imitation) with a very graphic print. Most of the floor was covered and the room gained a very relaxed style, as intended by our customers.

  • Create storage:

The bedroom had no wardrobe, so it was necessary to create storage without removing circulation space. The solution was to take advantage of the architectural delimitation of the space. We proposed placing a white “IKEA” extendable rod fixed to the ceiling to run two pairs of “Merete – IKEA” curtains. These are originally white but, for this room, they have been dyed a dry green. When running on the rod, the curtains serve as a “door” for the wardrobe and a curtain for the window on that wall; being independent of each other.

We designed a suspended storage, taking advantage of the entire height of the wall: two metal carriages; shelves in melamine coated mdf; white corners. With this versatile solution, our customers can choose to have, or not, the wardrobe uncovered and they won original curtains (we love the tie dye effect!)

  • Comfort:

The bed is in pine and you can find it at IKEA. We selected this bed due to three crucial aspects:

  1. Low price (the budget that customers had was reduced);

  2. Material – pine (it is a very light and contemporary wood);

  3. The fact that it is hollow (when spaces are small it is important to have pieces of furniture with legs or suspended, to give the bedroom more space).

At the head of the bed we added another “layer”, in order to create more comfort. Based on a pine ruler, we placed a foam panel lined with lead gray velvet. This panel is supported by two black iron hangers. Finally, we adorned it with a wreath of led lights.

For bed textiles, we recommend AM PM prints and, for placing at the bottom of the bed, a blanket in linen and cotton traditionally from the north of the country. The two velvet pillows from Zara Home were already from our client, but the color didn't match the rest of the space. We agreed to dye them forest green and got a very nice variation of colors.

  • Lighting

The ceiling lighting chosen was “Leds C4”, in white. As the ceiling is not very high, we opted for this very discreet spot, with a beautiful and functional design. In this case, we do not recommend to use suspension lamps

  • Work zone:

The desk is made up of two easels and an IKEA top (purchased in the Opportunities Area).

The chair was also purchased at the same store but we made it more original by painting it in Liqen E709 with a satin finish by CIN.

Images of the space before and after our interior decoration suggestions:

If you want to know more about our interior design services,

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